Advantages of Playing Online Poker on Smartphones and Tablets

Online poker is a game of skill that players can play with real money. It’s a great way to make some extra cash and it can be quite addictive. But it’s important to know the risks of online poker before you start playing. The legal situation of online poker can change, so players should always stay informed about the latest changes.

While dyed-in-the-wool traditionalists would argue that a PC is the best way to play online poker, there are good reasons why smartphones and tablets can be as good, or better, than desktop computers. One of these is that they allow you to multi-table and add extra screens which have been proven to boost productivity at work, and may do the same in a poker room.

Another advantage of these devices is that they are portable, meaning you can take them with you and play on the go. This is especially useful for long sessions where you need to concentrate, and where having a laptop or tablet with a good screen can help you to play your best.

Another tool that many online players use is a poker calculator, such as Flopzilla, which helps them internalize the math behind their decisions at the tables. Knowing how often a certain range hits a board can help you to build a solid strategy and to deviate from it when the situation demands it. It can also help you to realize more profits by identifying mistakes that your opponents are making.