Bacarrat Basics

Baccarat, or bakrt, is a table game that is widely played in casinos and other gambling establishments. The game is a comparing card game between the player and banker, with three possible outcomes: the “player hand”, the “banker hand” and a “tie”.

Baccarat was originally a game for royalty and the upper class in medieval Italy. It was eventually introduced to neighboring France where it became popular with the aristocracy, becoming known as chemin-de-fer or “chemmy”. It is now one of the most common casino games in the world and is enjoyed by many people worldwide.

The game is governed by a set of rules that ensures fair play. A player or banker must never exceed nine points in a hand. A winning Banker hand pays out a commission to the dealer of 5% of the total amount wagered on that hand. The dealer tracks the amount won and lost bets in the commission box and pays any winnings.

Depending on the establishment or platform, side bets can also be placed on a player pair or banker pair. These bets pay different odds and are placed before the round starts.