Sportsbet Review

There are a lot of betting sites to choose from but not all offer the same level of service or odds. One example is sportsbet, which is owned by the Australian Football League (AFL). It offers a wide range of sports and competitions to bet on but isn’t as competitive with its pricing when it comes to some markets.

In 2018, Sportsbet saw an underlying profit drop 27% to AU$215 million, with new point-of-consumption taxes in states contributing to the decline. The company also increased its marketing costs, which is a sign that it is trying to win back customers and keep them from going to competitors like Neds and Bet365.

A team is favored when its betting line has a smaller number than the underdog. This can be due to a team’s record, home field advantage, or star power. A bettor’s best bet is to place moneyline bets on teams with good records and star players because these bets usually come in at a lower risk than spread bets or over/under bets.

The Sportsbet homepage can feel a bit busy for new punters with sliding promotions and lots of market information on display. This can be frustrating but once you click on a market the site becomes more streamlined with less irrelevant information in-your-face.